Friday, May 4, 2012

The Victorian Fever Dream Series

While the majority of my paintings since I arrived in Arizona have been cacti and landscapes and sweet local buildings, I also have this series of odd characters which I call the Victorian Fever Dream series. The intention was to create an allegorical world to showcase basic human emotions. They developed a life of their own and became more and more absurd and rooted in the late 19th century.
It was an amazing and absurd time. It was a time of unbelievable optimism and cruelty. It was a time of murder, deception, giant hats and spectacular facial hair.
It was this painful time that bore our great nation though. Because of the cruel work of that era, we have the freedom to try to ensure that we don't end up in another era like that where workers are murdered for unionizing. I don't feel we should hate the past, we should revere it because it made us what we are today. I also don't believe we should return to that time or romanticize it.