Monday, December 21, 2015

2016 NYC ID Benefits Have Been Announced

For those of you in New York City who haven’t done it yet, I recommend getting an NYC ID. I’ve heard some talk about there being some insidious purpose behind them, but I really don’t see the downside myself aside from the certainty that my mailbox and inbox will be full of promotional material. The benefits are definitely worth the few minutes it takes to sign up. Museums, cultural institutions and zoos across the city have been offering free one year memberships for people signing up for the ID.

 I got mine back in November and Gertrude and I have had a few fun days of racking up memberships at the many cultural institutions that the ID will get you into for a year. We were excited to find Wave Hill, a gorgeous historic estate on the Hudson River in the Bronx, of which neither of us had ever heard. I’m looking forward to having access to museums in almost any neighborhood I’d find myself. I enjoy having museum memberships because I can pop in for as long as I want and as often as I want without worrying about entrance fees or the moral quandary of suggested donations. Now I have over a thousand dollars’ worth of free memberships, which will sadly end at the end of 2016.

I had originally heard that the membership benefits were only going to be extended for the first year that the card was offered, but the city has released a list of benefits, including memberships to MoMA and the NewMuseum for those who sign up in 2016. My advice is to get out there and take advantage of this in the new year.

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